Faire Booking

To reconnect with the Earth, to stand outside the self, to celebrate ecstasy and to experience a truly transformative and euphoric expedition into the past...”

Ronald and Phyllis Patterson

My Act

I tirelessly endeavor to bring the Patterson’s visionary spirit to faires around the country by plucking patrons from the mundane and hurling them into my Living Art. This is accomplished through my theatrical immersive character, Frostylocks, playful shenanigans and music. And it is this illusion that I cultivate, nurture and deliver throughout the Faire day. Your Faire is my stage from the moment I walk upon its grounds until the moment I leave. I. Am. Frostylocks—a ridiculously exuberant explosion of joyous energy ever-delving deeper to elevate the experiences of all whom I encounter. And I would love to rove upon your stage.


Book The Bard

Send thy raven and The Bard shall quoth thee a faire and equitable sum to conscript his living art for your illustrious faire.