House Conc'rts

What is a House Conc'rt? 

T's a show p'rf'rm'd in a host's living cubiculo, patio 'r whatev'r space thou has't. I cometh to thy lodging, ent'rtain thee and thy guests and we has't a pot luck meal togeth'r. Mine own conc'rts art acoustic-only which creates an intimate environment wh're thee and thy guests shall be’eth a few feet from me.   
As a host, thou shalt receiveth a wond'rful humour of accomplishment f'r hosting a ridiculous excit'ment and a mem'rable nonce that thy guests shall loveth and rave about. And I, as an artist, am supp'rt'd and shalt connecteth with mine own audience in a meaningful way. T’s a most wondrous exp'rience f'r all. 


How much doest t did cost? 

Thou can payeth a champain rate 'r hosteth a donation-bas'd p'rf'rmance pow'r'd by thy guests.


How longeth is the conc'rt? 

F'rty-five minutes to an hour. 


I'm In! Alloweth's has't a conc'rt!

Chooseth which act thee wouldst liketh (see featur'd acts below), and contacteth me to setteth a date.



Featur'd Acts:



The Bard himself in thy living cubiculo p'rf'rming his Renaissance/Medieval songs.  Chooseth between a beyond bawdy 'r a kid-friendly p'rf'rmance


Bjorn Folkvar

An unplugg'd intimate off-the-rails evening of bizarre, comedic songs and their st'ries writ on the road by a touring bard. Adult content.