Booketh The Bard

In Sooth:

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For booking both Frostylocks & Splinter, The Fae, please visit our duo page at:


Frostylocks is an immersive, highly interactive roving act who performs in the lanes throughout the day at Renaissance, Medieval, piratical and fantasy faires for patrons of all ages. He has a unique presentation in which patrons choose a tune that peeks their interest from a menu and Frostylocks delivers a memorable performance. Then on to the next, and the next and so forth and so on until, sadly, the faire day comeths to a close. Song subject matter includes: pirates, fantastical creatures, legends, vikings, historical events, Renaissance treatments, pub tunes and bardic tales of Renaissance and Medieval characters.

Optional instruments include: Medieval Gittern, Greek Bouzouki and Hammered Dulcimer.



Watch Frostylocks on the video below at 38:50 and listen to Frostylocks's song, Faire, at 57:15 during the end credits. Courtesy of The Renaissance Arts Faire of Las Cruces (November 2020). Please note: the skull and crossbones guitar strap in the photo is present for the purpose of piratical faires only.


My day rate depends on Faire size and travel distance. I prefer on-site camping. I have a minimum of two days (a weekend), with some exceptions. If tips and/or merchandise sales are disallowed, my rate will be higher. Please contact me for a rate for your Faire.



Should you require anything else for consideration, kindly send me a message. References are available upon request. Thank you for your interest in my act and we hope to see thee at Faire.