Novella: A Fae Renaissance
  • Novella: A Fae Renaissance



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In this first tome of the Frostylocks hist'rical fantasy adventure s'ries, a Fae changeling awakens in Nottinghamshire, England. The year—1194. 'Tis a time of knights, castles, of kings and queens, fantastical creatures and of magick. Prince John is vying f'r the throne of England. King Richard the Lionheart is on crusade. And something is stirring in The Sh'rwood. Followeth our infamous h'ro, Frostylocks, on his time-traipsing adventure as that gent discov'rs his h'ritage and the startling truths of the univ'rse that lie beyond the f'rest hollows. 181 pp. Trade pap'rback. 2nd Edition. Adult content.

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