The Rimes Zephyr

A Dram of I

One night long ago, I stumbl'd upon a passage to anoth'r w'rld and transmigrateth did I, on the wing'd summ'r's breeze, yond eve in Firenze. The day's heat hadst wan'd and I wast joyous, elat'd. I laid me down on a soft pile of grasses to gazeth at the starry night and alloweth mine own mind its wand'rings. I did sooneth awake visage to visage with a fantastical creature in a strange, brilliant w'rld. To mine own most wondrous hoyday, those gents hadst been expecting me and toldeth me I wast a changling and nam'd me Frostylocks. They did lendeth me a treehome and stocketh it wast with musical instruments. And seteth me they did, upon mine own imaginations. 

Anon I roveth the lands to playeth for thee songs of revelry!



*Checketh back oft f'r updates due to The Plague.



PRE-ORDER: Quest for Rimes Crossing RPG Module
  • PRE-ORDER: Quest for Rimes Crossing RPG Module
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Bas'd on the Frostylocks book, A Fae Renaissance, the Quest for Rimes Crossing module one, Il Magnifico Castle Cafaggiolo, doth take The Party on an adventure to unravel the myst'ry of Castle Cafaggiolo and to stop the Fae from enslaving humanity. 8 1/2 x 11 in. Trade paperback. ≈125pp. Cover castle art by Sam Arneson. Shipping included. Thy order shall be shipped in September 2021.

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Novella: A Fae Renaissance
  • Novella: A Fae Renaissance



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In this first tome of the Frostylocks hist'rical fantasy adventure s'ries, a Fae changeling awakens in Nottinghamshire, England. The year—1194. 'Tis a time of knights, castles, of kings and queens, fantastical creatures and of magick. Prince John is vying f'r the throne of England. King Richard the Lionheart is on crusade. And something is stirring in The Sh'rwood. Followeth our infamous h'ro, Frostylocks, on his time-traipsing adventure as that gent discov'rs his h'ritage and the startling truths of the univ'rse that lie beyond the f'rest hollows. 181 pp. Trade pap'rback. 2nd Edition. US domestic shipping included. Adult content.

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Joineth all ye kind of heart
and supp'rteth the art of Frostylocks
toss a sov'reign 'r a shilling
any coin wouldst beest quite thrilling
to heareth it clink in me box.

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